Robert Walsh

Police Officer Robert E. Walsh | New York City Police Department, New York

Victim: Officer Robert Walsh, 34

Death: January 12, 1981, NYC

Murderers’ ages: 15, 16, 17, & 23

Officer Robert Walsh was the father of four children. He had been a member of the New York City Police Department for 12 years and had received 20 awards and commendations during that time. He was murdered on January 12, 1981. On that fateful night, Officer Walsh stopped at a bar with a friend after work. Their outing was interrupted when three armed masked men entered the bar and announced a robbery. When one robber pointed two guns at Officer Walsh and his friend, Officer Walsh drew his service weapon and identified himself as a police officer. Officer Walsh was then shot and killed.

The man who fatally shot Officer Walsh is now serving on a panel for Ithaca and Tompkins County as part of its “Reimagining Public Safety Collaborative.’’ The panel is tasked with submitting police-reform plans. Officer Walsh’s family has expressed outrage at the fact that the man who murdered him is on a police-reform panel.