Matthew Whittington

From Judy Whittington, Matthew Whittington’s mother:

On March 14, 2007 my precious beloved son who had just turned 16 years old days before he was taken from our home in the early morning hours and violently brutally shot a total of 9 TIMES with 2 guns by an almost 16 year old neighbor who unprovoked shot to death his biological mother and father March 13, 2007 with an additional third gun – a 9 millimeter Glock.

Matthew Whittington my precious baby son suffering with a broken knee cap & waiting to have surgery was shot to death by a neighbor of over 10 years! These were our neighbors and their was no conflict at all. We as neighbors took care of each other. Connor Wood Louisiana inmate #536827 almost 16 years old at the time claimed he hated his mother & father because they wouldn’t let him to what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it so he shot them over & over at close range, skin to point blank range with the family 9 milimeter Glock gun! The Wood family had one of the largest gun collections in the south.

This low life scum of the earth burden on society is not a child, juvenile or kid. Connor Wood is a young adult man from a nice neighborhood and knows right from wrong! No drugs involved here just pure evil. Louisiana inmate #536827 unprovoked forced my son from his bedroom somehow. The Whittington family will always believe Matthew was forced at gun point & that we Matt’s parents may have been threatened if Matt did not do as he was instructed. We lay asleep just feet away & never heard a sound. Then Matthew seeing the horror of Mr. & Mrs. Wood shot all to pieces and the terror of having someone you’ve known your entire life shooting you over & over! My beloved son was shot in his beautiful face, my son was shot in the back as Matthew was desperately trying to get away and after Matt fell to the floor not able to stand after being shot so many times Connor Wood then shot my beautiful, loving, giving, precious baby son that I loved with all my heart and soul and every bone in my body and would have laid down my life for that low life scum of the earth burden on society shot my precious Gift from God 2 more times in the back of his forever cherished head. Louisiana inmate #536827 is in prison for LIFE.


Matthew’s Memorial Website