Jobie and Bonnie Ousley

See New York Times coverage of the horrific murder of this father and mother by their 14 year old son.

Jobie Ousley, 43, died in his sleep that night from a shotgun blast to the head,
and Bonnie Ousley, also 43, suffered gunshot wounds to the side and head after bolting from her bed in an attempt to flee the attacker. Her body was found in a hallway of the family’s East CR 500S home.

Greg Ousley, who is housed in maximum security at the Wabash Valley
Correctional Facility in Carlisle, south of Terre Haute, said recently that he
wondered for a long time whether his mother knew who was behind the gun.

“My dad never woke up. My mom was a different story. I guess it all lasted
about three minutes,” Ousley said in a recent interview at the prison. “For a
long time, I wondered if she knew it was me. I know she knew it was me.”

The community was shocked when Ousley, then 14, gunned down his parents while they slept in their rural Pierceton home.