Arkansas Offenders

Andrew Golden & Mitchell Johnson

VictimsShannon Wright, 32, Natalie Brooks, 11, Stephanie Johnson, 12, Britthney Varner, 11, & Paige Ann Herring, 12

Ages at time of murders: Johnson-13; Golden-11

Crime location: Near Jonesboro

Crime date: March 24, 1998

Crimes: Mass murder

Weapons: Remington 742 .30-06 rifle, Universal .30 M1 carbine replica, Ruger .44 Magnum rifle, Smith & Wesson .38 Special revolver, Double Deuce Buddie .22 caliber two-shot derringer, FIE .380 pistol, Star .380 pistol, Ruger Security Six .357 revolver, Davis Industries .38 two-shot derringer and a Charter Arms .38 Special revolver

Murder method: Gunshots

Sentence: Incarceration until 21

Incarceration status: Released

PHOTO: Mitchell Johnson was arrested in 2007 in Fayetteville, Ark.
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Johnson and Golden used weapons stolen from Golden’s grandfather’s house to massacre five people at Westside Middle School near Jonesboro. The victims, four of whom were between 11 and 13, were lured out of the building into the courtyard when Golden triggered a fire alarm. As teachers and students exited the building, Johnson and Golden opened fire, injuring 10 and murdering an English teacher and four students.

Because Johnson and Golden were tried as juveniles, they were released at age 21, though Johnson was later sent to prison for crimes committed in adulthood, including theft, financial identity fraud, and weapons offenses. Johnson was released from prison in 2015 while Goldman died in 2019.

Families of the killer’s victims were each awarded $20 million in damages against Johnson, and $10 million in damages against Golden. The award will prevent Johnson from profiting off his crimes.


Andrew Golden & Mitchell Johnson

Chad Kitchell

Victim: Robin Renea Richardson, 12

Age at time of murder: 17 and nine months old

Crime date: June 2, 1992

Crime location: Bauxite, Arkansas

Partner in crime: Steven Waggoner, 18

Crimes: Murder, attempted murder, & robbery

Weapon: Hunting knife & sawed-off shotgun

Murder method: Stabbing and gun shots

Murder motivation: Robbery

Convictions:  Guilty pleas to capital murder & attempted capital murder

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP) plus 30 years later reduced to life with parole after 30 years

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Maximum Security Unit

Inmate Photo


Kitchell and Waggoner made the choice to rob a grocery store and kill everyone inside. Kitchell murdered 12-year-old Robin while Waggoner shot and attempted to murder Robin’s mother Hazel, who worked at the store. Kitchell pleaded guilty and was sentenced to LWOP, though he got another re-sentencing hearing after a SCOTUS decision banning mandatory LWOP for juveniles. He was again sentenced to LWOP and appealed. The Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled that the killer must have a third sentencing hearing due to errors at the second hearing.


Chad Kitchell

Chris Segerstrom

Victim: Barbara Thompson, four

Age at time of murder: 15

Crime date:  July 26, 1986

Crime location: Fayetteville

Crimes: Kidnapping, rape of a child, and murder of a child

Murder method: Bashing in her head and suffocating her

Weapon: 40-pound rock (for bashing in her head)

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP) but set to be re-sentenced
Incarceration status:
 Incarcerated in jail awaiting a resentencing hearing

Teen killer's possible parole 30 years later weighs heavy on victim's family
Parole Denied For Man Convicted Of Killing Child In Fayetteville In 1986 |

Summary of the crime

Segerstrom kidnapped, raped, and murdered four-year-old Barbara Thompson. The crime was extremely violent and brutal. Segerstrom first lured the little girl into the woods by telling her that they would catch butterflies. He then raped her violently–he rammed a stick into little Barbara’s vaginal cavity with so much force that it protruded into her abdominal cavity. He also suffocated her and beat her with a 40 pound rock. The beating was so severe that her skull was partially flattened with brain matter protruding.


Chris Segerstrom

Kuntrell Jackson

Victim: Laurie Ann Troup, 28

Age at time of murder: 14

Crime location: Blythville

Crime date: November 18, 1999

Partner in crime: Derrick Shields and one other

Weapon: Sawed-off shotgun

Murder method: Shot to the face

Convictions: Capital felony murder and aggravated robbery

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP) later reduced

Incarceration status: Released


Jackson was 14 when he was an accomplice in a robbery of a video store in which Laurie Troup was murdered. Jackson stayed outside while two other offenders entered the store and attempted to rob Laurie at gunpoint. Jackson then entered the store where Laurie was being attacked. When Laurie threatened to call police, Shields shot her in the face and murdered her. Jackson’s appeal was the subject of the Jackson v Hobbs case before the US Supreme Court. One of the issues at trial was what Jackson meant when he told the victim that they were not playing around in this robbery. Jackson was re-sentenced and released and is now an activist and speaker.


Kuntrell Jackson

Matthew Elliot and William Davis

Murderers: Matthew Ryan Elliott, 16, and William Davis, 17

Victim: Brittni Pater, 15

Crime date: February 5, 2000

Weapon: Metal pipe & car

Murder method: Beating with a metal pipe & running over with a car

Murder motivation: Brittni’s pregnancy

Convictions: Capital murder

Sentence: Davis–originally life without parole (LWOP) but later reduced to 40 years; Elliot–life without parole (LWOP)

Incarceration status: Elliot–Cummins Unit; Davis–released

Inmate Photo
IN MEMORY OF BRITTNI PATER!!! SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.... in Justin's pic's by Justin Ogle


Elliot murdered Brittni, whom he had impregnated, by beating her with a pipe and running over her with a car. Davis helped plan and prepare for the murder. The murder was intended to eliminate the problems surrounding Brittni’s pregnancy. Elliot was sentenced to LWOP and is still in prison today while Davis was also sentenced to LWOP but later had his sentence reduced.


Matthew Elliot and William Davis

Travis Lewis

1996 murders

Victims: Sally Snowden McKay, 75, and Joseph “Lee” Baker, 52

Murderer: Travis Lewis, 16

Location: Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas

Crime date: September 10, 1996

Murder method: Gunshots

Crimes: Double murder

Sentence: 28 years

2020 murders

Victim: Martha McKay, 63

Murderer: Travis Lewis, 39

Location: Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas

Crime date: March 25, 2020

Murder method: Stabbing and bludgeoning

Crimes: Murder & theft

martha mckay


travis lewis mugshot



Lewis was sentenced to 28 and a half years in prison for murdering Sally McKay and Joseph Baker, a prominent Memphis blues guitarist. He was paroled after 23 years in 2018. He went onto murder Sally’s daughter Martha McKay in 2020. All three murders were committed at the historic Snowden family home. Lewis drowned after murdering Martha as he attempted to flee police.

Martha had befriended Lewis after he went to prison and supported his early release. When Lewis was released, Martha gave him a job doing work at the Snowden home. She later fired him after he allegedly stole from the home. Lewis is example # 14 on our page on Dangerous Early Release in the section on juvenile criminals.


Travis Lewis

Inmate Photo