Louis Gibson

When Gibson was 17 he shot at several occupied cars and murdered one person during a drug deal. But according to the Louisiana Youth Justice Coalition, Gibson was only “involved” in the shooting.


From the Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Fourth Circuit


“On March 18, 1993, around midnight, two vehicles had to stop at the corner of Treasure and Bruxelles Streets, near the End Zone Lounge because a Ford  Bronco stopped in front of them. The first vehicle was driven by the deceased victim, Latrone Davis, who was accompanied by Christopher Everett, Terrence King and Brian Franklin. Cleveland Jiles drove the second vehicle, accompanied by Ronald Whitney, Tywan Barryhill, Adolph Scott and Gerald Barryhill. It was alleged that when the two vehicles were stopped, Louis Gibson came out and began rapidly firing his weapon at the occupied cars.   Latrone Davis was fatally wounded, while Adolph Scott, Christopher Everett and Terrence King were all shot as well.   No one in the two stopped vehicles had a gun.”



“Two weeks after turning 17, Louis was involved in a shoot-out that left
one man dead.”

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