Oscar Manning


Sue McFall, 62 of Burton, poses with photos of her late father Oscar Manning whom was beaten to death during a 1999 home invasion. Patrick McLemore is currently spending his life in prison for the murder.

Sue McFall, another daughter of Manning, still lives in the Burton neighborhood where
the crime occurred and works as a secretary in the Bentley School District, which Patrick McLemore once attended.

She said knowing that McLemore and Reid are in prison has given her family some measure of comfort.

“It really has given me comfort and it’ll give more comfort to keep them in there for the rest of my life and theirs,” said McFall, 61.

Oscarmanningdetail photos.JPGView full size(Sean Ryan | The Flint Journal)Photos of Oscar Manning, whom was beaten to death during a 1999 home invasion. Patrick McLemore is currently serving a life sentence in prison for the murder.

McLellan said Manning, a former teacher and scout leader, would routinely reach out to struggling neighborhood youths, making the crime all the more painful.

Manning hired McLemore to mow his lawn not long before the attack, according to McLellan and court testimony.

“We’re all involved in serving the youth of our community,” said McClellan, 49, a youth minister in the Chicago area. “We were brought up that way.”


The ACLU seeks to grant parole hearings every five years to juvenile lifers.

McLellan said she and her four siblings would attend every hearing to fight McLemore’s release if he got the chance.

“All five of us will show up,” she said. “We will hire lawyers. We will do anything we have to. There should not be a blanket rule. If they’re eligible for appeal, great. If there were problems with the judicial system that failed, great. Give them another chance. But for there to be a blanket reversal, it’s just incredibly damaging for those of us that are victims…

“The best part about the case with my father is that they caught him before he went out and hurt someone else.”