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Don’t Be a Victim – Fight Back !!


Crime Victim Advocate Polly Franks


Crime Victim Advocate Polly Franks


You can become a victim of crime in a matter of seconds.  Blink your eyes and the damage is done.  Sometimes that damage is irreversible.  Nationally recognized crime victim advocate Polly Franks is launching two brand new websites to help Americans protect their families, their homes and themselves.

The first website is, where you can acquire nonlethal products to have on hand to keep from becoming a statistic.  Stun guns, pepper spray, alarms, safety kits and instructional dvds are just a few of the items available that could mean the difference between life and death.

The second website is  Here you will find the means to protect your home and family even when you’re not home.  Hidden cameras, recorders, GPS trackers, surveillance systems and many other products will give you that added measure of safety for all that you hold dear when you’re away.

Protecting your family, your home and yourself is your responsibility.  Criminals zero in on people they can see as victims.  Don’t be one of them.


Polly Franks
Executive Director
It’s Not Your Fault
Richmond, VA 


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