Offenders By State



At the pull down tabs above, you will find more information on teen killers and their cases that we have found.  Each state has its own page, and California is broken down by county.

Please contact us with other cases to add to our pages. You can comment on offenders at each state’s page.

Teen Killers

We wrestled with what, if any, place that convicted murderers of our loved ones should have on this website. We have tried to separate them as best we can at the very least on our Victim Memorials pages.

But we have decided that it is incredibly important to report the FACTS of these crimes and the offenders, because of the high degree of misinformation and propaganda that has been put out there by offender advocates who have significant amounts of funding from the Soros foundation and other sources, and who have a policy agenda to end long term and life sentences for teen offenders, even when they kill in cold blood.

Please send us any other teen killer information for us to post here.