Officer Mason Samborski



Oak Park, Michigan

Teen offender Belton sentenced to life without parole for the murder of police officer Mason Samborski. The Judge called the case “tragic beyond words”.

From Mason’s Father Ken:

Mason Samborski was murdered by 16 year old Jonathan Belton on December 28, 2008. Mason was a Public Safety Office in the city of Oak Park, Michigan. He was on duty at the time.

Mason pulled Belton over on a routine traffic stop. It was shortly after 12:00 am. Belton had no identification or drivers license. The vehicle Belton was driving turned out to be his mothers. Instead of taking Belton to jail Mason decided to turn him over to a parent who was said to be at a near by apartment building. Mason would learn there was no parent or guardian present. It was a ruse. When uncovered Belton fled with Mason in pursuit. A struggle ensued, they tumbled down the stairway shattering a plate glass window. As Mason laid dazed or unconscious from the fall Belton, who had no injuries, gained possession of Mason’s gun and shot him execution style in the head.

Belton “shopped” Mason’s body, retrieved his keys, took Mason’s cell phone and used it as he fled the scene to communicate with others in an attempt to cover his tracks. Belton was found guilty of Murder of a Police Office, 1st degree premeditated murder & 2 two felony weapons charges. He was sentenced to life without parole in December 2010.

Geoffrey Feiger (recall Nathanial Abraham) handled the defense. Through it all Belton & his family remained defiant, claimed they were the victims, expressed no remorse, sorrow or regret for what happened to Mason and his family, vowing “it ain’t over”.

The whole thing has been horrible for our family. We now deal with the aftermath. Mason left a young wife and daughter behind. My wife and I lost a son and our children a brother they deeply loved. Our extended family and many friends also suffer the loss.

Over the past 2 years we’ve become familiar with “juvenile killers”,  their sentencing as adults and the political issues surrounding their / our fate.

Our belief is that at some point we all know right from wrong; each case should stand on its own merits.  Prosecutors do not lightly charge juveniles as adults;  punishment should fit the crime; and those found guilty should do their time. Victims have rights and those who have lost loved ones never get a second chance.

We have become acquainted with your organization NOVJL through the internet and agree we have a place at the table.

Mason Samborski was the son of Ken and Joan Samborski, beloved brother to very close brother and sister; husband of Sarah Samborski, and the father of a three year old daughter.