CA JLWOP offenders list

We provide the most current list that we know of offenders in California Department of Corrections sentenced to life for crimes of murder with special circumstances, committed before they were 18 years old. Below is a spread sheet, but see the pages under the Offenders Section – Offenders By State – California Offenders to see the case by case, county by county, individual offender descriptions.

If there are any corrections to this list, please contact us.

Most of all, we seek to notify the victims families of these murder cases that legislation has been proposed in California that would dramatically affect them, possibly requiring them to go through the agony of the parole process and possible early release of those who murdered their loved ones. California’s Constitution guarantees the right of crime victims to be notified of, and heard in, the cases of their offenders and their sentencing.

Because of this we believe that the proposed legislation is unconsitutional, but that has not stopped Senator Leland Yee from filing it anyway.

Click here to view the spreadsheet list of teen killers sentenced to life in California, which includes the date of the offense, the county, and their prisoner ID.