Our Logo



In September of 2018, NOVJM announced our new logo, designed by Dan Frye, NOVJM family member and City of Knoxville, Tennessee Graphic Designer. The Purple twisted ribbon (a la the well known red AIDS lapel ribbons) is the national color of the Victim movement. We thank Dan for this wonderful new design. Victim family members of NOVJM can contact the NOVJM Board of Directors to ask for permission to use the logo in their own advocacy.

The prison bars in our original logo, designed by Bill Jenkins, were not referencing the incarceration of those who murdered our loved ones. These prison bars are the best symbol we could find to observe the “life sentences” of heart and mind that WE, the loved ones of murder victims, are serving.

Our logo is designed to evoke a clear picture of the tragedies that are real in all these cases. It is a call to all those interested in this issue of life sentences for teen murderers to build their concern upon a foundation that understands at the heart of it all are murdered victims and devastated families and friends left behind.

This is a life and death issue. And infused into every aspect of it is unmitigated tragedy.

Safety is an essential human need and right. And public safety is one of the highest values for any society. We recognize, sadly, that there are some human beings that are so dangerous that they can never be allowed to walk among us.