Victim Organizations


We thank all our allies nationally who work at the grassroots level to protect victims rights. Many of these groups, like ours, are just our fellow crime victims who work tirelessly and without compensation to help others not to suffer as we have. Let us know if there are any other groups like this we should add.

Ben Doran Foundation in Minnesota

Citizens Against Homicide

COVA – Colorado victim advocates

Crime Victims United of California

Crime Victims United of Oregon

Crime Victims United of Canada

Crime Victims Action Alliance – California

Delaware Victims Rights Task Force

Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund in Colorado -heroic State Rep. Rhonda Fields whose son was murdered as a witness to a crime


Justice for All – Texas

Marsy’s Law for All – a nationwide effort to amend constitutions in states, and ultimately the US Constitution, to make victims rights enforceable

Maryland Crime Victims

National Center for Victims of Crime NCVC

National Coalition of Victims in Action

National Organization of Victims Assistance NOVA

Office for Victims of Crime – US Dept of Justice

Other victim resources/organizations nationally

Parents of Murdered Children with chapters all over the nation

Polly Franks Foundation Virginia-based national advocacy for child sex abuse prevention

Rhode Island Victim Advocacy and Support

Sheila A. Doyle Foundation – providing support and scholarships to children of murder victims, founded by a family of a victim of a teen killer – partners with Comfort Zone Camps to provide grief support camps for children of murdered parents.

Texans for Equal Justice

Three Strikes Organization – California

VictimsAction – San Diego

Victims Voices Heard – Delaware

Virginians United Against Crime

Voices of Victims – Colorado

Washington Coalition for Crime Victims Advocates

You Have the Power – TN


We have been very grateful for the full support of these allies:


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