Santa Cruz County

Adrian Gonzalez

Victim: Maddy Middleton, eight

Age at time of murder: 15

Crime date: July 26, 2015

Crime location: Santa Cruz

Crimes:  Kidnapping, child-rape, child-murder, and corpse abuse

Murder method: Strangling and stabbing

Sentence: Juvenile detention until age 25

Accused killer of Madyson Middleton to face adult proceedings ...
Santa Cruz teen pleads not guilty in 8-year-old Madyson Middleton ...


Gonzales, 15, lured eight-year-old Maddy to his apartment where he attacked her. Gonzales bound, raped, and ultimately murdered Maddy and discarded her in a recycling bin. Because of SB 1391, Gonzales could not be tried in adult court, as he was under 16 when he committed the crimes. Gonzales pleaded guilty to the murder and will be incarcerated until he turns 25.