Colorado Offenders

Below is a list of the teen killers from Colorado. The first list below are those sentenced to life without parole for their crimes. Columbine follows. Please send us any other cases we should know about. See our victim memorial pages for some of the victim stories.

We oppose legislation in Colorado, regularly proposed by the Pendulum Foundation funded by one of the families of these offenders below, that would retroactively end these life sentences for these murderers sentenced to what they call juvenile life without parole (JLWOP) because the hearings on the bill are being held without victim notification and because there already exists legal mechanisms, including a special clemency commission, to identify any offenders who might have been over-sentenced. Victims have rights to be notified of and heard in all matters pertaining to their cases.


Austin Stig sentenced to life after predatory killing of 10 year old girl.


Colorado Teen Killers Sentenced to Life for their Crimes:

Jason Gonzales, 17 MURDERED LeLand Hap Thompson, 74, repeatedly beaten on the head.

Samuel Mendez, 14, MURDERED Freida Winter, 78, beating in Greeley, police linked hom to the slaying four years later through fingerprints.

Marcus Fenandez, 15, MURDERED Lyle Wohlers, 51, Colorado State Patrol Trooper, shot in the head during a traffic stop.

Jacob Ind, 15, MURDERED Kermode Jordan 54, and Pamela Jordan, 41, his stepfather and mother, shot and stabbed them to death in their home.

Phillip Trujillo, 15, MURDERED Lee Pumorey, 16, grandson of former Colorado Supreme Court Justice, killed in a drive by shooting.

Allen Lucero, 17, MURDERED Chris Romo, 17, killed in a gang-related shooting.

Christopher Selectman, 16, MURDERED McKinley Dixon, 18, shot to death over a bag of marijuana.

George Chavez, 15, MURDERED Simplicio Dominquez Trejo, 34, carjacked and then killed.

 Gregory Romero, 17, MURDERED Terrance Mayo, 17, and Rachel Peterson, 16, shot to death.

Raymond Gone, 16, MURDERED Shawn Leinen, 28, Denver Police Officer shot while cornering a car thief.

Donnell Carter, 17, MURDERED Terrance Mayo, 17, and Rachel Peterson, 16, shot to death.

Raymond Johnson, 16, MURDERED Cannon “Biscuit” Evans, 3, killed in a drive by shooting while sitting in a car seat.

Paul Littlejon, 15, MURDERED Cannon “Biscuit” Evans, 3, killed in a drive by shooting while sitting in a car seat.

Roosevelt Harris, 15, MURDERED Christopher Ramos, 24, shot in the head outside a credit union where he was using an ATM.

Curtis Brooks, 15, MURDERED Christopher Ramos, 24, shot in the head outside a credit union where he was using an ATM.

Raymond Cain, 17, MURDERED Said Frost, 19, a Southern Ute tribal member, shot in the head

Jennifer Tombs, 16, MURDERED Latanya Lynn Lavallais, 23, a babysitter, shot in the head six times.

Larry Lucas, 16, MURDERED Shaw Castilla, 18, a high school student, his body was found near the top of Raton Pass three days after his death.

 Christopher Weedman, 17, MURDERED Tiffany Boelter, 14, mutilated.

Kevin Blankenship, 16, MURDERED Barbara Jane Castor, 76, kidnapped and left to die of exposure

Antonio Farrel, 17, MURDERED Barbara Jane Castor, 76, kidnapped and left to die of exposure.

Trevor Jones, 17, MURDERED Matthew Foley, 16, shot in the head in a parking lot.

Frank Vigil, 16, MURDERED Brandy Duvall, 14, gang raped and stabbed 28 times, bled to death.

Adam Drake, 17, MURDERED Eric Harris, 30, shot five times

Nathan Ybanez, 16, MURDERED Julie Ybanez, 43, his mother, beaten and strangled to death with fireplace tongs.

Terrance Wilder, 17, MURDERED Joel England, 24 and Roderaick Marable, 38, beaten to death.

Steven Anaya, 17, MURDERED Gregorio Martinez-Luna, 40, shot to death

Andrew Medina, 15, MURDERED Kristopher Lohrmeyer, 17, shot in the head outside an ice cream parlor.

Miguel Timble, 17, MURDERED Ennis Walton, 29, shot in the chest.

Lorenso Montoya, Jr., 14, MURDERED Emily Johnson, 29, clubbed to death.

Nicholas Martinez, 16, MURDERED Emily Johnson, 29, clubbed to death.

George Lo, 17, MURDERED Vien Than, 19, shot when gunman opened fire on two carloads of people.

Alexander Pogosyan, 17, MURDERED Edgardo Moralles, Jr., 18, Zach Obert, 18, Penny Bowman-Meida, 37, Greg Media 18, Marissa Avalos, 16, shot to death on the Labor Day holiday.

Joseph Hunter, 17, MURDERED Dorothy Woodham, 86, clubbed with a fireplace shovel, strangled, and stabbed 16 times.

Ahmad Nelms, 17, MURDERED Ennis Walton, 29, shot in the chest.

Erik Jensen, 17, MURDERED Julie Ybanez, 43, beaten and strangled to death with fireplace tongs. His family has funded the Pendulum Foundation which has led the anti-victim effort to free these offenders without victim input. It is reported that Eric Jensen’s threats to his own family that he would kill himself if they didn’t do something to get him out within 10 years, is what prompted the creation of the effort in Colorado to end JLWOP sentences.

Merle Mangum, 17, MURDERED Janet Davis, 42, and daughter Jennifer, 11, beaten to death.

Columbus White, 17, MURDERED Lora Armenta, 86, beaten to death when her home was burglarized.

Gabrial Adams, 17, MURDERED Kermode Jordan, 47, and Pamela Jordan, 41, shot and stabbed to death in their home

Jeff Johnson, 17, MURDERED John Leonardelli, 55, robbed of his car, watch, and other valuables and killed in a parking garage.

Leroy Gardenhire III, 17, MURDERED Tommy Lee Emory, 26, shot when his killers mistakenly thought he had stolen their car.

Marcus Clouatre, 17, MURDERED Douglas Sparr, 34, son of a federal court judge, bound and gagged, blindfolded, stabbed, and hit on the hdea, strangled with cords and had bleach poured down his throat.

Jerome Perea, 17, MURDERED Yvonne Cossio, 24, gunned down in her front yard in front of her children.

Josiah Ivy, 16, MURDERED Stacy Dahl, 29 and Gary Alflen, 47, shot to death in their Ute Pass home.

THE COLUMBINE KILLERS – Littleton, Colorado, 1999

Two of the worst teen killers in world history were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Significant space in global  media has been dedicated to covering this horrific mass murder – we do not need to duplicate it at this website. However, we highlight the important research that has been done into what we can learn from this unmitigated tragedy – how to identify and hopefully prevent future such rampages by similarly troubled youth. Read about the important findings in research done about these teen killers, and how this should inform ALL who interact with troubled teens in our nation. And we are especially proud of the advocacy work being done by some of these victims families to prevent future such tragedies. Check out Rachel’s Challenge working all over the nation to better identify and assist troubled youth.  And we remain constantly inspired by the violence prevention work of Tom Mauser, father of Daniel Mauser.


Andrew Graham’s Killers

Murderers and alleged murderers: A 16-year-old, whose initials are T.J.; Allen Ford, 18; Joseph Martin, 16; and Clarissa Lockhart, 19

Victim: Andrew Gelston Graham, 23

Death Crime date: November 5, 2009

Location: Centennial, Colorado

Crimes: Murder & robbery

Weapon: Firearm

Allen Ford


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Summary of the crime


Andrew was robbed and murdered by a gang of five perpetrators in a racially motivated attack. The assailants spotted the University of Colorado graduate at the light rail station in downtown Denver and followed him to Centennial for about 40 minutes. They then shot him in the back and robbed him. 


Andrew Graham’s Killers

Austin Sigg

Death-obsessed teen confesses to murder of Jessica Ridgeway before  appearing in court where his distraught family break down | Daily Mail  Online

Victim: Jessica Ridgeway, 10

Age at time of murder: 17

Crime location: Westminster, Colorado

Crime date: October 5, 2012

Crimes:  Abduction, kidnapping, torture, & murder

Murder method: Strangulation and drowning

Weapon: Zipties & hands for strangulation & a bathtub filled w/ water for drowning

Murder motivation: Sexual fantasy

Sentence: 40 years to life plus 86 years

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at an undisclosed location

Austin Sigg practiced zip tying his mother before kidnapping, raping and  dismembering 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway - New York Daily News


Sigg kidnapped Jessica as she was walking to school, bound her, and took her to his residence where he brutalized her. He then murdered her by strangling and drowning her and dismembered her body. Sigg later admitted that he was fulfilling a sexual fantasy. Rather than being an impulsive youthful act, the crime had been planned for months. Sigg also attempted to kidnap a female jogger prior to murdering Jessica.

Sigg pleaded guilty to all counts. The first-degree murder charge carried an automatic 40 year to life sentence. The judge added 86 years on top.


Austin Sigg

Dylan Klebold

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold | Criminal Minds Wiki | Fandom

Harris (left) and Klebold (right)

Name: Dylan Bennet Klebold

Victims: Cassie Bernall; Steven Robert Curnow; Cory Tyler DePooter; Kelly Fleming; Matt Kechter; Daniel Mauser; Daniel Rohrbough; Rachel Scott; Isaiah Shoels; John Tomlin; Lauren Townsend; Kyle Velasquez; and Coach William “Dave” Sanders

Age at time of murder:  17 & seven months

Partner in crime: Eric Harris, 18 & 11 days

Crime location: Columbine, Colorado 

Crime date: April 20, 1999

Crimes: Mass murder

Weapons: Intratec TEC-9 Mini; Hi-Point 995 Carbine; Savage 67H pump-action shotgun
Stevens 311D double barreled sawed-off shotgun; 99 explosives: & knives

Murder method: Gunshots

Status: Deceased 


Harris and Klebold murdered 13 people and injured 24 others during one of America’s most infamous school shootings. The mass murderers planned the attack for about a year and wanted to kill as many people as possible. After committing the massacre, both men killed themselves.

Gentile victims of the crazed


Dylan Klebold

Click to access Columbine%20-%20Governor’s%20Commission%20Report.pdf


Jovani Muniz

Victim: Eloy Conrad Duran III, 25

Age at time of murder: 17

Crime location: Denver

Crime date: January 3, 2010

Murder method: Beating and stabbing

Charge: First-degree murder

Conviction: Guilty plea to second-degree murder

Sentence: Seven years in the youth offender system plus a suspended 21 year sentence in the adult system


Conrad, a young father, was attacked, beaten, and stabbed to death.

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Karen Grammer’s killers

Victim: Karen Elisa Grammer, 18

Murderers: Freddie Glenn & Michael Corbett

Crime date: July 1, 1975

Crime location: Colorado Springs 

Crimes: Attempted robbery, kidnapping, abduction, rape, & murder

Murder method: Stabbing

Incarceration status: Glenn is in the Fremont Correctional Facility and has a parole hearing in May 2021 while Corbett is deceased

Man Guilty in Murder of Kelsey Grammer Sister Dies | Westword
Karen (left) & Corbett (right)
Kelsey Grammer Explains Why He Felt Guilty for His Sister's Murder - ABC  News
Karen (left) & Glenn (right)


Karen, the younger sister of actor Kelsey Grammer, was kidnapped and taken hostage by the assailants after they unsuccessfully attempted to rob the Red Lobster restaurant where she worked. Corbett and Glenn took the 18-year-old to an apartment where they repeatedly raped her over a four-hour period. The perpetrators then took her to a mobile home park and stabbed her to death.

Glenn and Corbett were initially sentenced to death but had their sentences commuted. Corbett died in 2019. Glenn is still in prison and has been denied parole several times. 

Glenn and Corbett also murdered Daniel Van Lone and Winfred Proffitt. 


Marcus Fernandez and T.J. White

Victim: Officer Lyle Wohlers, 51

Ages at time of murder: 15

Crime date: November 4, 1992

Crime location: Near Georgetown

Weapon: .38 caliber handgun

Sentences: Fernandez– life without parole (LWOP) and then reduced to 46 years; White– 32 years

Incarceration status: White was released after 11 years while Fernandez is incarcerated at the Buena Vista Correctional Facility and has a parole hearing April 2032

Supreme Court decision results in resentencing for man who killed state  trooper in 1992 |
Officer Wohlers


Fernandez shot and killed Lyle during a traffic stop. He was sentenced to LWOP but later had his sentence reduced to 46 years. His accomplice White was sentenced 32 years and was released after 11 years.


Mayco January

Victims: David Dunlap, Whitney Butler, & their unborn baby

Age at time of murder: 17 & eight months

Crime location: Colorado Springs

Crime date: January 14, 2013

Crimes: Home invasion, burglary, & murder

Weapon: 40-caliber semiautomatic pistol 

Murder method: Gunshots

Sentence:  Life with parole

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Buena Vista Correctional Complex & has a parole hearing in May 2115

Prison photo
I-25 crash sends three to hospital


After Whitney and David learned from their home security provider that their burglary alarm had gone off they went to their house to check. There, the recently married couple found January–a nearly-18-year-old with an extensive criminal history, including robberies and assaults on a 71-year-old woman and an attack on a 15-year-old girl. He had recently ran away from a halfway house for troubled youth and was armed with a gun which he had stolen from a nearby home. January fatally shot David, a Fort Carson soldier, in the back of the neck and Whitney in the head. By killing Whitney, he also killed the couple’s unborn child, who was due in six months. January was convicted and sentenced to life with parole.


Raheem Benson and Louis Lara-Macias

Names: Raheem Vaughn Benson and Louis Fernando Lara-Macias

Victim: Nicholas Andrew Lewis, 33

Crime date: October 1, 2016

Location:  Englewood

Ages at time of murder: Both 16

Crimes: Murder, thrill-killing, & attempted robbery

Murder method: Gunshot to the aorta

Murder motivation: Thrill and exhilaration

Incarceration status: Lara-Macias is incarcerated at the Youthful Offender System-Pueblo and is scheduled to be released on 10/14/2023 while Benson is at the Sterling Correctional Facility and has a parole hearing in September 2056

Benson’s prison photo
Lara-Macias’s Prison photo


Benson and Lara-Macias shot Nick, a 33-year-old father and successful chef, to death as he was trying to walk home from a 7-11. The killers’ main purpose was to experience thrill and exhilaration.


Trevor Jones

Victim: Matthew Foley, 16

Age at time of murder: 17

Crime location:

Crime date: November 21, 1996

Crimes: Armed robbery & murder

Weapon: Firearm

Murder method: Gunshots to the head

Murder motivation: Robbery

Convictions: Reckless manslaughter & robbery, which together made it felony murder

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP) and then re-sentenced to 42.5 years

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Fremont Correctional Facility & has a parole hearing in May 2031

The CDOC site says Trevor Jones will be released on May 9, 2032.


Jones organized a scam in which he would meet Matthew to sell him a gun, and then take the weapon back to show how to load it. Then he would rob Matthew at gunpoint and leave. However, Jones ended up shooting Matthew in the head as well, killing the 16-year-old. Jones was found guilty of felony murder and sentenced to LWOP. His sentence was later reduced to 42.5 years.


Verle Mangum

Victims: Jennifer Davis, 42, & Janet Davis, 11

Age at time of murder: 17

Crime location: Clifton, Colorado

Crime date: February 15, 1996

Crimes: Child sexual abuse & murder

Weapon: Baseball bat

Murder method: Bludgeoning

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP)

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility

Prison photo


Mangum was convicted of murdering Janet and her 11-year-old daughter Jennifer. In 2019 a Ninth Judicial District Court judge ruled that Mangum had insufficient legal representation and is entitled to a new trial. The victims were bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat after Janet allegedly discovered Mangum sexually abusing Jennifer.