Paul Ray Robinson

Stephen Robinson's photo.

Stephen Robinson's photo.

Paul Robinson was a fine young man, who at the tender age of 27, was shot and killed while minding the gun shop he was employed at. His killers WERE caught, and brought to justice, duly convicted and are currently serving Life Without Parole in the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Paul was a son, a brother, a cousin. Mostly he was a FRIEND to all who knew him.


I got the letter today from the Parole Board in Mississippi.Dated June 14, 2013
RE: Garner Brister, #105175
Dear Mr. & Mrs Robinson:

The Parole Board held a hearing for offender Garner Brister, #105175. The re-hearing was held June 11, 2013, because the Parole Board received additional information regarding this offender. Parole was denied and his case was continued. Offender Brister will be reviewed again by the Baord in April, 2015.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Secretary to the Board.