Scott Sappington, Jr.


This promising 16 year old was shot in the head by a 13 year old female teen killer in Kansas City, Kansas in 2008. She received a life sentence as an adult for her brutal crime, after the court heard and considered all the evidence. 

Scott was universally praised by members of his community as a very good person. He held a job at McDonald’s while going to school. He was on his way to work when he was murdered. He had just dropped off his brother and his sister at his grandmother’s house when the carjacker blew him away. He was going to graduate from Sumner the next May.

This photo is from a memorial at Sumner where his grieving classmates tried to cope with this horrific crime.

When the offender was sentenced, Sappington’s father, Scott Sappington Sr., expressed his feelings about the case. He told KCTV5 that Brown is an animal.

“She is an animal, and I don’t think she should ever get out,” he told the TV station. “Ever.”

In November, a jury convicted Brown of first-degree murder and attempted aggravated robbery. (She was initially charged in juvenile court, but the state of Kansas won a motion to try her as an adult.)

Sappington was just 16 years old. He had just dropped off his siblings at their grandmother’s house on his way to work at a McDonald’s restaurant when he was gunned down at 10th and Laurel in KCK on July 23, 2008.

Sappington, an athlete who worked two jobs, had just dropped off his younger siblings with his grandmother when he was shot at close range.

At the hearing Thursday, an aunt read the judge a statement from Felicia Johnson, Scott’s mother.

Many lives changed for the worse when Scott died days before he turned 17, his mother wrote.

“Scott was known for keeping his classmates, family and friends laughing when they were down,” she wrote. “Scott was such a joy.”

His father, Scott Sappington Sr., told Brown in court: “You chose this path of destruction. You took a great man from us.”

They asked for the maximum sentence.