Teresa Del Rio

Teresa’s murderer was 20 when he killed her, but he had already been incarcerated as a juvenile for killing two people and RELEASED to kill again. Another argument for JLWOP.

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Teresa Del Rio
Rachel Good
20 Years Old

November 8, 1978 to June 7, 1999

Teresa Del Rio was a student at Glendale Community College and born in Los Angeles to parents Anna Soto Del Rio and Fernando Del Rio. She attended Eagle Rock Montessori Pre-School; Glendale Lutheran School; 32nd Street Middle School and Eagle Rock High School. Teresa performed in the Eagle Rock Recreation Center’s ballet Folklorico, sang in the Glendale Lutheran Children’s Choir and played piano. She worked as an extra in television and motion pictures. Among her credits were the “New Munster TV series”, The Music Video for “The Faculty,” KHJ-TV “Children’s Christmas specials,” Public affairs special “Instant Crib Death Syndrome” and others. Her major extra film credits included “Terminator II,” “American Me,” and “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me.” From the age of two Teresa traveled every year with her parents and had visited most of the leading museums in Europe, Mexico, Canada and others in the United States. Teresa recently completed a 16 week course in Computer Science at the Mexican American opportunity foundation and worked for Centro De Ninos in Los Angeles. Ms. Del Rio was currently enrolled in Glendale Community College to attain an AA degree and later planned to attend UCLA or San Diego State University to major in Sociology. Teresa was the only child of Anna and Fernando Del Rio.


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In Loving Memory
Teresa Soto Del Rio
November 8, 1978 – June 7, 1999
Mom & Dad regret that justice was not served in your 1999 murder conviction. It leaves us sadden, because your killer will be up for parole in 2025, or released from prison in 2031 on a plea bargain. Teresa, our sweet & only child, we love you & miss you & life is sad without you. When God is ready for us, we will see you at the gates of heaven & be with you for eternity


On the evening of June 6, 1999, Teresa Dell Rio and her girlfriend were giving two boys a ride home in Los Angele’s. As she pulled away from the curb, a man with a 9mm gun walked out of the dark and shot Teresa through her car door, hitting her in the side of her torso. Teresa told her girlfriend that she was hit and it hurt and that she could not breath, then she passed out. The shooter continued shooting at her as it was rolling down the street. The three occupants in her car struggled to avoid the bullets from hitting them. Some of the bullets ended up hitting some of the nearby homes where children lived. Theresa was the only one shot and doctors could not stop the bleeding. The bullet had reached internally, destroying and shredding her internal organs. She died at 5:30am on June 7, 1999 on the operating room table at a near by hospital. She had received 14 pts of blood.

Some weeks later, the person who allegedly murdered Teresa, was identified as a known “shooter for Gangs” and was on L.A.P.D’s Most Wanted. He was captured in Las Vegas, NV. The shooter allegedly murdered 2 in 1998 and escaped out of the country then re-entered in 1999 and murdered Teresa. It had been known that he had been shooting at moving cars and committing violent acts. A judge has ordered the shooter to stand trial for 3 murders, 3 attempted murders and numerous other violent crimes. He continues to be violent behind bars while awaiting trial. No trial date has been set. Teresa did not know her killer.

Teresa was a student at Glendale Community College, who attended Eagle Rock High School in Los Angeles. She danced Ballet Folkloric, did extra work in television and film, completed computer courses, worked at “Para los Ninos”, worked at a stationary store, and at the Glendale mall. She was also active with her parents on non-violent causes, attended television and film related events and traveled the world with them.