Jennifer Boleander

 Another act of senseless juvenile violence in New York State…

Jennifer Bolender

         The family and friends of 16-year-old Jennifer Bolender will now be counted among those shattered by New York State’s juvenile murder sentence.  Jennifer’s young life was taken from her as she walked home Friday, December 14 of 2002.  She was brutalized and then stabbed to death by three known killers, two of them ages 14 and 15. 

          The suffering and devastation sustained by Jennifer’s family will be intensified when her young killers receive light sentences for their brutal crimes.  Nine-years-to-life each is the maximum penalty New York State will render to Jennifer’s young killers.  Nine-years-to-life is New York State’s “justice” for committing a murderous act of such heinous brutality.  Nine-years-to-life is not justice.  We must take a stand against the violence that ended such a young, vibrant, and innocent life.