Jonoshia Alexander, Corey Daniels

Jonoshia Alexander, 17, was fatally shot and killed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 15, 2010. She was a Bay View High School student. 

Markus Evans, who had a long and violent history as a juvenile offender, including previous incarceration for attempted murder, has been arrested, has reportedly confessed, and awaits trial.

Latoshia Stewart, mother of Jonoshia Alexander encountered Markus Evans, who is accused of shooting her daughter in the Milwaukee neighborhood neard 4th St. and W. Keefe Avenue. “I could tell he was a bully”, she said. “He made me hold my eyes down.” She knew to avoid Evans after his release for attempted murder after serving only 14 months.  Sandra Stewart, Jonoshia’s grandmother would not have cared if Evans, charged with her murder, ever had another chance after his many previous violent felonies as a juvenile. “He killed my granddaughter, and that’s all that we care about. He’s not crazy, and he should never have been let out of jail in the first place.” Jonoshia was on her way home from school when she was shot. She wanted to become a nursing assistant by 2012 and have her nursing degree by 2017. Jonoshia will now never be able to realize those goals.

Corey Daniels was shot and almost killed by Markus Evans but survived. He and other relatives had begged the court not to release Evans for a very long time. But two years after his short stay in juvenile prison, Evans was released and was soon back in prison now facing adult time for the murder of Jonoshia Alexander. Daniels is a distant cousin of Evans, and said the shooting was unprovoked. It nearly cost him his life. He lost more than 40 pounds, and part of his lung. He spent 6 weeks in the hospital. “People who know me will tell you he took part of my life. I will never be the same”, Daniels admits. “He’s not a monster, but he is evil. His actions were evil.” On December 29, 2010 at Jonoshia’s funeral, Daniels stood in front of the Greater New Birth Church, looked over her white casket, and told mourners how Evans nearly took his life too. “That could have been me instead of her”, he said.