Gerald Halloran, James Kilventon Jr., Luther Hurd, Michael Oldham, Robert McKarnin, & Thomas Fry

Victims: Captain Gerald Halloran, 57, Captain James Kilventon Jr., 54, Luther Hurd, 31, Michael Oldham, 32, Robert McKarnin, 42, & Thomas Fry, 41

Deaths: November 29, 1988, Kansas City, MO


The victims, all firefighters, were killed by an explosion after responding to a fire at a construction site. It was determined that the fire and explosion resulted from arson. Five offenders were convicted, including one who was 17 at the time.

November 1988: Six KC Firefighters Killed in Ammonium Nitrate Explosion

Nov 1st, 2008

20 Years Later, New Investigation May Yield New Findings Into Cause


Captain Gerald C. Halloran, 57

Firefighter Thomas M. Fry, 41

Firefighter Luther E. Hurd, 31

Captain James H. Kilventon Jr., 54

Firefighter Robert D. McKarnin, 42

Firefighter Michael R. Oldham, 32