Offenders Apologize



Our organization promises to be the conduit of any vital information that a victim’s family might need after a loved one has been murdered by a teen. This includes information about an offender who might wish to apologize to the family. We will post any appropriately worded letter from any offender under the age 18 at the times of the murder for which they were convicted. Offenders who wish to express remorse are welcomed to write us at the PO Box address on this website for NOVJL.

Addolfo Davis – Illinois

To Victims of Juvenile lifers,

First I would like to say that I apologize to the victims in my case and their loved ones for the pain that I have caused. I would also like to apologize to all the victims of Juvenile lifers.  I know it’s not my place to apologize for others actions, but I feel that you all truly deserve it.  I know that you all have been through a lot.  And I know that there is nothing I can say or do that will bring your loved ones back.  But, I hope my thoughts help ease your pain and hopefully help you see our journey better.  But before I begin please know that I mean no disrespect to you all and never will try to take away from what has happened.  I just want to share my thoughts with you with the hopes that we can come together and bring change.

I know you all have been through a lot and I know some of you are still hurting and still have that built up hate in your hearts, and I do understand that and will never tell you not to feel the way you do, but today I ask that your clear your heart and mind for a moment and let me in.  Hear me out.  That’s all I ask.

Like I said, I understand that lives have been lost and that the people that’s responsible should pay.  I truly agree with that.  But I don’t agree with giving a 13, 14, 15, and 16 year old life without parole.  That is saying that we can’t be rehabilitated and that’s not true at all.  Yes, we made bad decisions as youth, but that should not condemn us for the rest of our lives.  Now I know it’s a hard thing to do, but put aside that pain and let the heart of a mother, father and the heart and love God has blessed us with lead you.  And you will see that we don’t deserve life.  There are some of us who has grown mentally and spiritually who deserve a second chance at freedom.  But the parole board will not let them go.  But right now the reality of the matter is ALL Juveniles with life are condemned.  Because without getting legislation passed, most of us will die in prison.  That’s why I write this with the hopes that I can gain some of your support in getting the bill passed or coming together to come up with a bill that will help both sides.  I know it can happen.  We just have to give it a shot and I know there are those who are allowing hate to lead them on this matter and don’t care how much the person has changed who killed their loved ones and they want them to die in prison.  And I understand that, but I also understand that’s just hate you are working from. If you would just allow your heart to lead you, you won’t feel the same.  You will see that both sides are losing.  Yes, we are alive, but we are not living, just existing.

I know this is a big thing to ask of you all, but if I didn’t I would be giving up on life, on my daughter, on everyone who loves and believes in me.  I am not that misguided child I was back then.  I have grown in every way and continue to grow and feel some where in the future I deserve to be freed.   And there are many more juveniles with life who also deserve a better chance at freedom.  Yes, I was a lost 14yr. old teen back then who made some bad decisions and one landed me here with life without parole.

But that 14yr. old don’t represent who I am today as a 32 yr. old man.  So I ask that you allow your heart to lead you and help support legislation that will give some of us a chance at freedom through parole after 20 years.  With that said I will close this with the hopes that you will support legislation to give us a second chance.

Take Care and God Bless.

Respectfully,  Addolfo

Post Thoughts:  I hope I haven’t offended anyone.  That was not my intention.  If I have I truly apologize and I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue because I want to know your thoughts instead of what someone say you feel or think about this.  So please write.  Thank You and God Bless you.

Addolfo Davis B-55374
P.O. Box 711
Menard, IL 62259