Butte County

JLWOP Inmate Freddy Siordia

On February 22, 2007 Freddy Siordia was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole after being found guilty of first degree murder and killing to benefit a criminal street gang in the fatal stabbing of eighteen-year-old Oroville High Homecoming King Bryan David Semore

 The stabbing occurred in the early morning hours of Oct. 2, 2005 when Semore and two friends stopped at a Chico gas station to buy sodas and snacks.

Semore and his friends were confronted by a group of five Chico Norteno gang members.  The two groups glared at each other which in gang vernacular is referred to as being “mad-dogged”, and is considered an invitation to fight.  The hostile stares escalated into “bumping chests” and eventually ended up in a free for all fight.  During the mutual fist fight, Freddy Siordia yelled “Norte “three times according to witnesses before he stabbed William Caffey in the chest and face with a knife.  Siordia then stabbed the victim Bryan Semore more than five times from behind, inflicting a fatal wound to his heart.