Victims Under Attack By Offenders and Advocates

Just when we thought that advocates against long sentences for teen killers could not stoop any lower than the lies and propaganda they have already been so willing to put out, over and over, we have found a new LOW in advocate behavior.

Defense attorneys for one of the worst teen killers of them all in California – Scott Dyleski – are now holding press conferences and spamming the wikipedia page of the widower of one of the victims, attempting to cast suspicions on him for his wife’s horrific murder simply because he is a successful high profile attorney who can be publicly attacked and who is helping to lead the campaign to keep his wife’s killer in prison.

We urge you to go to the wikipedia page and denounce the slanderous and agonizing accusations by these desperate advocates for killers.

At this page: you can create an edit saying that these attacks on Mr. Horowitz started when he began advocating for NOVJL and victims of teen killers. You can add your own personal comments on the agenda of those who are trying to divert attention from the killer.

Daniel Horowitz, a man above reproach and widely respected as one of the leading attorneys in the nation, frequently on television for his expertise and good judgment, has been attacked personally by advocates for the offender who murdered his wife Pamela Vitale.

There is NO doubt of Dyleski’s guilt. The physical evidence at the scene was indisputable. More on that in a minute.

But clearly, under SB 9 in California, if it were to pass, these types of attacks on victims and their families would expand because there is a great incentive to disclaim responsibility and / or minimize guilt.  As long as offender advocates are willing to behave like this, extraordinary steps have to be taken to protect victims. SB 9 must be defeated.

On “Oct. 15, 2005, Pamela Vitale was bludgeoned to death in her home by a neighbor Scott Dyleski. The victim suffered 26 head wounds, broken fingers, dislodged teeth. and a  knife wound to her stomach.  As further evidence of the depravity of this teen killer, he had carved a symbol on her back.

Dyleski and his friend, Robin Croen, planned to grow marijuana in Scott Dyleski’s closet, with Dyleski in charge of raising money, according to Croen who was granted immunity for testifying.  He testified that Dyleski used a neighbor’s stolen credit card to order lighting equipment. According to prosecutors, in one of the orders Dyleski used the credit card information for Karen Schneider, but mistakenly used Vitale’s address as the address to bill, and his own address as the shipping address. The lighting company refused to process the order, suspecting it was fraudulent. Dyleski told Croen that he would “take care of it” and, subsequently, he made one more attempt by calling the credit card company.

Authorities believe Dyleski was surprised by Vitale during a burglary of her home. They alleged that he killed Vitale by striking her numerous times in the head, possibly with a rock, and then carved a symbol into her back. During the trial, Prosecutor Harold Jewett tried to establish that the symbol found on the victim’s back closely resembled the letter “H” in the word “hate” from a bumper sticker reading “I’m for the separation of Church and Hate”, which was seized from Dyleski’s bedroom The coroner’s autopsy report describes the marks on Vitale’s back as an “H-shaped figure cut into skin of posterior torso” and “3 intersecting superficial incisions…forming an H.  His mother was accused of helping her son destroy evidence, but the charge was dropped under the condition that she testifies truthfully

Scott Dyleski was found guilty of first-degree murder, the special circumstance of murder in the commission of a first-degree residential burglary, first-degree residential burglary and an enhancement for using a dangerous weapon to bludgeon Vitale. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. After sentencing, he was held in juvenile hall for about a month until his 18th birthday on October 30, 2006.

At sentencing, Judge Zuniga told Dyleski “The symbol carved into her back by you showed you were proud of your work,” Before he left the crime scene, Dyleski took a sip from Vitale’s water bottle and washed his knife in the bathtub, leaving behind bloody smears. A black face mask, gloves, shirt and trench coat – which were later found in Dyleski’s duffel bag – were stained with a mixture of his and Vitale’s blood. The teen also left his shoeprint at the crime scene, and evidence of his DNA was found on Vitale’s foot.