Illinois JLWOP cases

Offender advocates claim there are 103 cases of JLWOP in Illinois. We have already voiced on our concern (see Illinois page) about the claims of their numbers.

Two points:

1. Most of the offenders serving JLWOP in Illinois have knowingly and culpably committed some of the worst murders imagineable. We detail what we know about the cases in the Offenders section and in the victim memorials.

2. Some people across the broad criminal justice system of this nation are innocent of the crimes of which they have been convicted, and others are oversentenced, given the roles they played in their crimes. One of these cases, we believe, was Mark Clements, an Illinois JLWOP case whose release after years in prison for a crime he apparently did not commit had our full support. Mark Clements was released in 2009, and was a victim of torture at the age of 16 by disgraced Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge, who has been convicted of torturing offenders into false confessions.

CASES in Illinois – Offender name listed first in CAPS followed by the names of their victims if we know it:

CHRISTOPHER ABERNATHY (who has been exonerated by DNA and released)         Kristina Hickey

MARSHAN ALLEN – (whose sentence has been reduced and parole is pending)
victims names not known

ANTOINE ANDERSON          Leroy Causey and Henry Hudson

ERIC ANDERSON      Helena Martin and Carrie Hovel

WAYNE ANTUSAS    Carrie Hovel and Helena Martin

JOSEPH ARRIETA      Anthony Moore and Ed Riola

JOHN BELK    Thomas and Joanna Peragine

MICHAEL BELL         John Colbert

DAVID BIRO  Richard and Nancy Langert and Baby Langert

MANUEL BOBE         Joseph Torres, Mike Villasenor, Mario Martinez

SCOTT CHAMBERS   Reginald Wilson and Felicia Lewis

JAMES CHILDERS     Robert Rotramel, Nora Rotramel, and Warren Childers

CHRISTOPHER CHURCHILL            Jonathan Lloyd, Debra Smith and Jennifer Smith, Korey Smith and Kenneth Smith

MICHAEL COOKS     Rayford Taylor and Vincent Zaworski

BOBBY COOLEY       Walter Wheat and Richard Goodwin

DARRELL COSEY      Ernest Baskin and Jamar Harrison

BRANDON CRAIGHEAD      Martin and Judith Dotson

LINDSEY CRITTLE    Amjad Khamreseh and Abdei Abu-Nseir

CURTIS CROFT          Kimberly Boyd

SCOTT DARNELL      Victoria Larson

ADDOLFO DAVIS     victims names unknown

DINO DECORPO        Anthony Poull and  Stephanie Martin, Shawn and William Poull, Charissa Poull and Kevin Poull

MIGUEL DELEON      Juana Nieto


DAVID EVANS          Myron Cochran and Billy Johnson

DARNELL FOXX       Salada Smith and Joshua Thomas


DELANO GAMBLE    Shanika Diggs

MARK GIBBS Richard Gibbs and Betty Gibbs

ADAM GRAY            Peter McGuinness and Margaret Mesa

JASON GRAY            Joseph Torres, Mike Villasenor, and Mario Martinez

MARCOS GRAY         Sheilah Doyle

CHARLES GREEN      Kim Brooks, Yvonne Brooks, Raynard Rule and Lauren Rule

EVAN  GRIFFITH       Leroi Shanks; James Jones

MICHAEL HEARN     Ashleigh Sprague

SEAN HELGESEN      Peter and Diana Robles

DANIEL HENNEY      Anthony Poull, and Stephanie Martin, Shawn and Williams Poull, Charissa Poull and Kevin Poull

HAROLD HILL           Kathy Morgan

RICHARD HOLMAN  Ester Sepmeyer

TYRONE HUMPHREY           Cary “Matt” Whitacre and Shane Storm; Sheri Ellis

JAVELL IVORY         Salada Smith and Joshua Thomas

JAMIE JACKSON       Robert Hanshew

COREY JOHNSON     Jeremiah Scott and Charles Evans

PAUL LEE       Sandra Lee Chorba

ANDRE MAULDIN    Tosha Thomas and Shelly O’Dell

JACQUELINE MONTANEZ   Jimmy Cruz and Hector Reyes

NICHOLAS MORFIN  Helena Martin and Carrie Hovel

LABRON NEAL          Terrance Mitchell and James Austin Campbell

WILLIAM NEGRON   Amy Merkes and Jorge Rodriguez

JOSEPH PACE            Ronald Roberts

DAMIEN PHELPS       Adam Ridge and Ronald Heard

ERIC PHILLIPS           George Phillips and Geneva Phillips

BRIAN PRUITT          Pat and Roberta McNeely

ERIC RAYFIELD        Victoria Cowan

GERALD RICE           Heddie Johnson, Dante, Wendell and Shekitta

WENDELL ROBINSON          Vernell Jones

KEON  ROSE   Bobby Joe “Chip” Connors II

JAIME RUIZ   Julio Rodriguez

KEITH SANDERS       Darnell Love and Jeryl Jones

PETER SAUNDERS    Elisa Totoni

DAVID  STAFFORD    Cherie L. Gillson

LAROD STYLES         Yousef Ali and Khalid Ibrahim

NICHOLAS TANG      Steveson Earl and Arthur Lee Loud

MELKY TERRY          Gracie Mercatante and John.

MICHAEL WAGES    victims names not known, Cook County

CARL WILLIAMS       Reginald Wilson, Felicia Lewis

CONTRELL WILLIAMS         Cary “Matt” Whitacre and Shane Storm; Sheri Ellis

JOSEPH WINGARD    April Fields and Shedrene Handy

ERIC ROBLES            Peter and Diana Robles.