Cody Brotherson

West Valley police officer Cody Brotherson

Victim: Cody James Brotherson

Killers: Christopher Boggs, 15, Lawrence Boggs,14, and another 15-year-old

Crime date: November 6, 2016

Summary of the crime

The assailants hit Cody with a stolen vehicle, which they were driving at about 80 mph, and killed him.


Cody James Brotherson

Our strong, heroic, beautiful son Cody James Brotherson, born June 5, 1991, was tragically taken from us while in the line of duty on November 6, 2016.
Cody was the first born son of Jeff and Jenny Brotherson. Cody was full of life and energy from the moment he took his first breath and he immediately stole our hearts.
Cody spent his childhood sharing many “boys will be boys” adventures with his first best friends Tyler and Dustin. If you saw these three coming, you knew trouble was not far behind. These three boys grew into adulthood together and loved each other always.
Cody graduated from Granger High School in 2009. He attended the University of Utah studying business, then went to the SLCC POST program which helped him pave the way to achieving his lifelong goal of becoming a police officer. That dream was realized when Cody joined the West Valley City Police Force in December of 2013.
Cody loved his job and helping to make the world a better safer place for all. Cody 100% loved and was loyal to all those fortunate enough to be called family or friend. This took on a new meaning and went to a completely different level with his family and his brothers and sisters in blue.

From Dangerous Early Release

Dangerous Early Releases of Juvenile Criminals

16. Christopher and Lawrence Boggs from Utah


The Boggs brothers were tried as juveniles for murdering Cody Brotherson, a police officer. They committed assaults while incarcerated and were charged as adults, meaning their juvenile sentences were dismissed. After being sentenced as adults, they were released early. They were then caught allegedly committing more crimes. 


In the early morning hours of November 6, 2016, 15-year-old Christopher Boggs, his 14-year-old brother Lawrence Boggs, and a 15-year-old friend, murdered West Valley police officer Cody Brotherson. The teens were fleeing police in a stolen car, going about 80 mph. Cody, 25, was trying to deploy tire spikes near an intersection, when he was hit and likely killed on impact. At least one officer saw the vehicle swerve towards Cody. 

The killers were originally charged in juvenile court. Prosecutors had a hard time getting them tried as adults because they could not prove who the driver was. The youth pleaded guilty for their roles in Cody’s death and were sentenced to confinement at juvenile detention centers, along with community service. A juvenile judge called on the state’s Juvenile Justice Services to keep the killers in custody for “as long as possible.” Because their cases stayed in juvenile court, the murderers could only be detained until their 21st birthdays. 

During his time in juvenile detention, Christopher was charged with assault by a prisoner in the 2nd District Court as an adult. He had gotten into an apparently premeditated fight with another inmate and then fought staff who tried to restrain him. He was given a suspended five-year prison term in March 2020. He was sentenced to spend six months in jail with credit for the 55 days he had served since his arrest. He was released on April 17, 2020. 

Lawrence was charged in the 2nd District Court with assault by a prisoner with a gang-enhancement. He was sentenced to one to 15 years in the Utah State Prison. He was released early on parole in May 2020. According to the Utah Department of Corrections, his early release was in collaboration with the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole to open up space in confinement facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Once the Boggs brothers were taken into the adult system, their sentences in the juvenile system were dismissed. So they could not be sent back to juvenile detention centers to complete their sentences for Cody’s murder. Cody’s sister Jenny pointed out that the killers’ early releases were basically rewards for committing more crimes. 

Upon release, the Boggs brothers allegedly became involved with gangs. In July 2020, they were caught driving 100 mph with a stolen car. Police found two guns inside the stolen car. Christopher was also charged with receiving stolen property. According to a report by the Adult Probation and Parole: “Mr. Boggs was the driver of a stolen vehicle and continues to involve himself in the gang lifestyle.” Since he was released in April 2020 he “has been continuing to live the gang and criminal lifestyle while in the community. He associates with his brother Lawrence who is a major influence in the (gang) lifestyle…” The report further stated: “What is known is Mr. Boggs has no intention of not living a criminal lifestyle. He is a significant public safety risk and his criminal history, past and current gang involvement speak for itself.”

Cody’s sister Jenny wants harsher penalties for juveniles who commit serious felonies.“It’s time for laws to change,” she says. “Especially if you intentionally or recklessly take a life during the act of a crime. There should be adult consequences. You made an adult decision there should be adult consequences.”

Just a couple more examples of dangerous early releases. 


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