Stacie and Todd Bagley

 Stacie Lynn Bagley

Victims: Stacie Lynn Bagley, 26, and Todd Alan Bagley, 28

Murderers’ ages: 19, 18, 17, 16, and 15

Deaths: June 21, 1999, Killeen, TX

Todd Alan Bagley, 28, was an army veteran and youth minister. He and his wife Stacie Lynn Bagley had lived in Texas while he was stationed at Fort Hood. Todd had been an assistant health director with Bos Landed Athletic Club. Stacie, 26, was also a youth pastor.

Stacie and Todd were kidnapped, robbed, and murdered by a group of teens, including three juveniles. More information on their deaths can be found here.

We ask readers to remember that the terror inflicted on this young couple and the tragedy of their murders are not diminished by the young ages of the offenders.