Michael Bluntson

Victim: Michael Anthony Bluntson, Jr.

Murderer: Prentis Cordell Jackson

Crime location: Minneapolis

Crime date: February 24, 2006

Minneapolis teen sentenced to life in fatal shooting

MINNEAPOLIS – A Minneapolis teenager was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility for parole for killing a 15-year-old boy, according to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

Prentis Cordell Jackson, 17, was sentenced Tuesday by Hennepin County District Judge Richard Scherer. A jury found Jackson guilty of first-degree murder for shooting Michael Anthony Bluntson Jr. on a sidewalk outside a store in February.

Another suspect in the slaying, Lemuel Jeoozie Radcliffe, also known as Lemuel Joozie Johnson, 18, of Brooklyn Park, is scheduled to stand trial in December on charges of being an accomplice after the fact, the county attorney’s office said.

Supreme Court of Minnesota.

STATE of Minnesota, Respondent, v. Prentis Cordell JACKSON, Appellant.

Appellant Prentis Cordell Jackson was convicted of first-degree murder for the killing of Michael Anthony Bluntson, Jr., in Minneapolis.   On direct appeal, appellant seeks the reversal of his conviction on the basis that the district court declined to give the jury an accomplice corroboration instruction.   We affirm appellant’s conviction.

Michael Anthony Bluntson, Jr., was killed near the intersection of 25th Avenue North and Sixth Street North in Minneapolis on February 24, 2006.   A medical examiner testified that Bluntson died from a gunshot to the head fired at “intermediate range.”   Although the precise caliber of the bullet retrieved from Bluntson’s body was not determinable, the bullet’s weight was similar to that of a .45-caliber bullet.   The police did not recover the murder weapon in the course of their investigation.

Deshawn Jenkins and Alfred Lamar were members of a gang known as the EMB (“Emerson Money Boys” or “Emerson Murder Boys”).   Lemuel Radcliffe and appellant’s cousin Bernard Williams joined with the EMB as part of a consolidated gang known as the LMB (“Lyndale Mob Boys”).   Jenkins, Lamar, and Williams testified at trial, but Radcliffe did not.   Lamar testified that appellant was a member of the LMB. Some of the gang members sold marijuana and crack cocaine outside Wafana’s, a store located at the intersection of 24th Avenue North and Lyndale Avenue North in Minneapolis.   Bluntson was believed by some individuals to be a member of another gang known as the 2’s & 3’s.   Williams testified that appellant had previously accused Bluntson of stealing sacks of marijuana that appellant had hidden inside Wafana’s, but Leshaun Taylor testified that he and Bluntson were best friends and that he was unaware of any dispute between Bluntson and appellant.

Jenkins, Lamar, and Williams testified as to the events surrounding Bluntson’s murder.   On the afternoon of February 24, 2006, Williams was shot in the left arm while standing outside Wafana’s by a person whom he believed to be a member of the 2’s & 3’s and whom he had seen with Bluntson on prior occasions.   Williams testified that he removed his gray sweatshirt as he fled the scene.   After the shooting, Williams saw appellant at the home of Shalonda Young, which is located in the 2200 block of Sixth Street North in Minneapolis.   Appellant allegedly observed that Williams had been shot but did not ask who had shot him.   Lamar testified that he saw appellant on Broadway, a North Minneapolis street, after the shooting.   According to Lamar, appellant told Lamar that he had heard that the 2’s & 3’s shot Williams and declared that if he caught one of them he would “f* * * them up.”