Help a Widow in Need



Maggie Elvey, widow of murder victim Ross Elvey, has struggled mightily to survive, both emotionally and financially, since two teens murdered her husband in California decades ago. Since his horrific death, she has given all she can in her life’s work to helping other victims of violent crime through her work with Crime Victims United of California. Now forced to retire, with no security (Ross owned a small one-man business that closed after his murder), she has been moving from place to place trying to get by as best she could.

Recently she returned to the Escondido home that she and Ross had lived in – she had given it over to relatives to “take care of” and “pay for”. She returned to find the house junked, bugs and filth everywhere, and massive bills left over, including a $20,000 needed repair on the roof. She is afraid now she may be forced to sell the home to pay the bills on it, and then she would be homeless with only her small Social Security check to live on.

Those of us who love and have known Maggie for many years can attest to what a dear and giving woman she is, how hard she has worked to survive and yet help others. We also know she has medical needs that public aid does not cover and that she must raise some money for as well.

She has not asked us to do this – to set up this page and to ask for caring people to help her. We have done this because it is the holiday season, and her need and crisis is REAL.

It is the hope of all of us at NOVJL that the public can find it in their hearts to send her a few dollars to help her reclaim and repair her home.

Please contact her at:  [email protected]  if you are able to help. She will give you her address to send whatever you are able to donate.

Contact us at  [email protected] for her address to mail a check or gift card to, or with any questions you have about this tragic case.